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How to Map a DID HQ number to your GeoSIM

DID HQ provides you with a virtual phone number from 65 countries and over 2400 cities around the world. You can link your DID HQ number to your any phone. In this article we show you how easy it is to link your DID HQ number to your GeoSIM.

How to link a DID HQ number to your GeoSIM global SIM card

Once your DID HQ number order has completed and is active you can link it to your GeoSIM.

Log in to your DID HQ Account.


You will see your orders and DID’s


Click on the “Details” button next to the DID you want to forward.

Click on “Change Forwarding”


Click on the GeoSIM radio button and the “Connect with GeoSIM” button. Note, if you have already authorised the GeoSIM website to communicate with your DID HQ account, you will not need to do this.


You will be directed to an authorisation page on www.globalsimcard.co.uk Enter your GeoSIM user name and password.


Once signed in, press “Authorize”


You then get directed back to your DID HQ account.

Press “Change Forwarding” and choose the GeoSIM phone number you want to link your DID HQ number to from the drop down menu.

Press the “Update” button to save your settings.

Your DID HQ number is now mapped to your GeoSIM and calls to your DID HQ number will be received on your GeoSIM.


There are no call forwarding charges made to your DID HQ account when linking your DID HQ number to your GeoSIM. 

Please note that your GeoSIM account will be charged a $0.25 per minute surcharge for calls received on your GeoSIM via your DID HQ number.


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